Working title,  ca 120 sec short, aimed to be finished early 2017. We are currently 24 people, all professionals with industry experience (Disney, Sony, Marvel). This is a purely personal project for us, we are working on this in our spare time with no money involved.

The short is based on a story idea about a teenage girl and her two guardians, the angel Ava and the demon Mal who act as her conscience. While these two struggle to keep the stubborn punk girl that can’t see them safe they are also figuring out their own differences and preconceptions about each other.

We want to create a humorous/emotional scene that reflects their relationships in a high quality style similar to Disney property like Big hero 6. Visdev and 3D models are 90% done and we are going into Previs now.

If you would like to join us, please send us a short description about yourself and a reel/portfolio to: harderjenny(at)

You can always follow our updates on our facebook page:

Thanks for your support!!